Is This The Final Age of House Topal?

The House Topal was founded thousands of years ago, born from the fall of an ancient empire that is remembered only as the most vague stories; riders of mystic beasts, heroes who saved a whole culture from great disasters, keepers of secret knowledge. Something happened, that time ended.

For millenia after this painful birth it existed alongside the other powers of what would be called Dorne, becoming in many ways just another squabbling gaggle of nobles, until the man named Thern Topal. This noble son of the old house had a smile that every man trusted and every woman adored, promises of gold beyond imagining, a heart as full of honeyed lies; when he died so did the vast web he’d weaved, leaving his family and his compatriots equally penniless.

Time passed, fortune let the once mighty grow ill with age, a prodigal daughter of the family returned from trips to the east with odd ideas in her head and murder in her heart. Ronia, cousin of the Lord, decided that the noble were not fit live above the common and led a peasant rebellion that installed leaders who would be called the Red Princes. A hundred years of treacherous blood spread thin what power House Topal had left, before the pride of the last Red Prince kept him from honoring his debts and he found himself at the bottom of a rough mine shaft.

Now a new generation, born with ambition beyond their state but true to their heritage, has come to power. Aydin the Cunning, Zanson the Champion, and Sarila called Kismet are the last three legitimate children of the Lord of House Topal.

This is the story of House Topal’s fourth age, and possibly its last.

The Fourth Age of House Topal